What’s the Best Time to Travel to Europe? The network here is very developed and you can get just about everywhere by rail. The introduction of new ingredients from the new world was nothing short of revolutionary. Just be sure to tag yours so it doesn’t get taken by the wrong person! Whilst those cities are not to be missed, backpacking through Spain without exploring its other regions would be a mistake. Because the retractable cable comes in handy when you need to secure your travel backpack (for example in a dorm where the hostel doesn’t have a locker, or the locker won’t fit your bag). Backpack Europe How-To: Ultimate Guide For College Students. The choice is up to you! Let us take a look at the countries that make backpacking in Europe so darn special. [mv_video key=”gyj6au1rwicjnm0hnndd” title=”Tortuga Setout Backpack Review – Is this te Best Travel Backpack?” thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/v1569851570/mtt2429u4ekmwtvpmhvf.jpg” volume=”70″ doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” ratio=”16:9″ jsonLd=true]. Emparez–vous de votre bon vieux sac de voyage et marchez sur les traces des vétérans de la route.. 1. Coffee. And guess what I’ve learned in all that travel? The church in Barcelona that is a perpetual construction project? Visit Florence, see the Almafi Coast but set aside some time for exploring the lesser-visited regions, like Marche, Umbria, Calabria, and so on. It has plenty of space on the inside, plus an incredibly smart front pocket organizer with space for things like your passport, wallet, keys, and more. Of course, we cannot forget backpacking in Iceland, which has grown into a full-blown cultural phenomenon. The south of France is a world away from Paris and the north so welcome to the land of the sun! Andalusia is another great region to experience and our Senior Editor Freeborn Aiden created an epic 10 day Andalusia itinerary. Between the party-hearty music festivals, discotheques, rave scenes, pub crawls, and other venues of hedonistic tendency, there is ample opportunity for backpackers to get down. Cruise ships fill the harbors. The Scottish Islands look like something out of a fairytale book. Having totally reinvented itself since the days of the Nazi’s and World War Two, modern day Germany is an awesome place to go backpacking. To top it off, Germany has one of the strongest economies in the EU, yet traveling here is surprisingly affordable in comparison to the rest of Western Europe. Sounds like you had super fun there. Most of all have the time of your life and spread the love! Most have guesthouses attached. Then it’s back to Athens! More importantly, you will escape the tourist hordes, mingle with more locals, find your own solitude, and overall a path to a more rewarding backpacking experience. I backpack somewhere in Europe almost every summer, and so far I have visited over 35 countries on the European continent (if you’re getting wanderlust right now, be sure to bookmark our huge guide to Backpacking Europe). But there’s a lot more to see in Italy besides the usual attractions because, let’s be honest, everything in Italy is beautiful. Its cities are gorgeous and its mountains even more so. The French Pyrenees are equally awesome. I recommend studying a map before sticking your thumb out there. It’s lightweight so it doesn’t hurt my back, and it has a small hip strap that can be useful at times. I was delirious, unable to walk, and in a lot of pain but I managed to call my insurance provider – they moved me to a much better private hospital where the doctors were able to save my leg. The secret ingredient is…. Buses and trains have great divides in price. Renting a campervan is easy to do all across Europe. Think dinner at midnight! I love the fact that Belgium places beer in such high and hallowed regard. Greece is composed of over 227 islands which means there are over 227 places to go on an adventure. Je vins de Québec et je pars en Janvier 2009 pour 7-8 mois avec mon copain et nos backpacks… LeSportsac Voyager Backpacks are my favorite go-to everyday bag. I have created this Realistic Budget for Backpacking Europe … In Switzerland, you do have to pay for the pleasure. Pros: Converts to duffel bag, light weight, simple design, affordable, durable, Cons:Only a handful of pockets, shoulder straps not as comfortable, small hip harness. Check out some of their awesome itineraries for Europe here…. Have you ever thought about backpacking Europe for 2 months or more? It’s easy to do laundry in Europe, and you’ll have more mobility if you have less to carry. Chop firewood. Moral of the story: consider getting travel insurance before you head out into the wilds, people!“. ), and the atmosphere is insane during October when it hosts professional championships like the Quiksilver and Roxy Pros. This means you can get anywhere in the world, often with a direct flight depending on where you’re going. You’ll be carrying this bag a lot on your trip, so the less weight you have on it, the better and more comfortable it will be. Visit a secret village. Scandinavia isn’t all blond-haired babes (or dudes), ultra-efficient cities, and practical solutions to socio-economic problems. So consider stopping by Austria on your backpacker trip. Oh, and be sure to read our full Tortuga Outbreaker review here. Don’t flash wads of bills and then leave your wallet sticking half-way out of your back pocket. Next hit up The Alps. Like to sleep? Sep 4, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Jennifer O'Reilly. If you plan on hitting up multiple countries in Europe, the Eurorail Pass is a great option. Grab your copy of the Backpacker Bible for Free! . You name it, you can probably experience it on a European farm. Dresden, beaten to shit during WWII, has been wonderfully restored. You made it to the end of my Europe travel guide! The UK is just one of those places that I have fallen in love with over the years. I hope the information I have provided will help you navigate the exciting European journey you have decided to embark on. If you have had long challenging days trekking or biking in the Alps, the flatness here will be a welcomed change. On the other hand, backpacking Europe isn’t the same as trekking through Nepal or Patagonia. What we commonly refer to as the Balkan countries though, is the former Yugoslavia (Montenegro, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Slovenia, and North Macedonia) plus Albania, Bulgaria & Romania. Backpacking in Europe is always a good idea! D’Istanbul À l'Égypte. The farther north you go, the more dramatic they become. Galicia will certainly be cooler than other regions to the south! See more ideas about backpacking europe, backpacking, europe. Don’t let the jaded, bitter tourists tell you there’s nothing new to see or do here; you just need to get off the beaten path a bit. Trekking is a great way to get to know any country by experiencing its wild side. Portugal is also composed of two semi-autonomous island regions as well: the Azores and Madeira. My son is traveling to Europe for 15 days in June. Try to catch a few as you travel around Europe! It is never a good idea to be out shit-faced drunk, alone, and loaded with cash especially not at 3 am. Dans cet article, je vais faire un bilan de mon aventure: Budget, itinéraire, temps à prévoir, et j’en passe. Got a couple of days in a capital city? Backpacking Europe Checklist: Before You Start Packing. Lors de notre premier voyage en backpack en mode baroudeur, nous nous posions mille … Is it the small plates of delicious Tapas? Planning a trip to Europe takes a lot of energy! Make sure to eat a healthy amount of cheese at every available opportunity. Je vous parle aujourd’hui de mon voyage sac à dos en Europe: conseil, recommandations, bagages et essentiels :) Mes meilleurs app: 1 … There’s heaps to do in the Azores and the Madeira isn’t called “The Land of Eternal Spring” for nothing. Never take it for granted that you are healthy and financially able to go traveling. Oh yeah, then there are the Northern Lights! Even if you aren’t able to get into infamous Berghain, there are still plenty more where that came from. So if you’re planning more than just one trip to Europe, it’s worth the investment. In addition to its powdery peaks, Switzerland is also home to gorgeous alpine lakes. Citizens of the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore can usually obtain visa’s for most European countries on arrival. According to Britannica, there are over 160 distinct cultures in Europe, though if we’re being honest this number could be higher. You hereby confirm that this is your email address and not that of someone else or that you have the proper authority to subscribe this email address. The Fairview 40 weighs a measly 1.77kg (3 pounds), making it the lightest of all of Osprey’s backpacks.The weight of your backpack … Free Backpack Europe Checklist Printable. Wander among the canals and bridges and feel the grandeur of one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. That is not to say that as soon as you hit the Alps you’ll be on your own. 32: Average backpacker age in 2016, according to Holidaysafe – up from 25 in 2014. As a lover of cool cities and good beer, I am totally enamored with Germany. A month rolls by quickly so don’t be surprised if you end up coming back for another taste. Accidently call a Sicilian Italian and you’ll probably get an eye-roll; refer to a Bavarian as German and you’ll probably get a cold shoulder; call an Irishman English by mistake and be prepared for hell to break loose. The Algarve is full of beach towns, and each one is catered to a different type of backpacker. And I hope your son enjoys Europe as much as I do! Joining a tour is a great way to see a majority of the country quickly and without the effort that goes into planning a backpacking trip. For example, you might have no desire to visit Germany or Scotland; your heart is longing for France or Spain. Check out Worldpackers to find opportunities. Voyager, ça coûte cher et voyager en Europe, ça coûte encore plus cher... Je sais pas pour toi, mais moi, c'est surtout les pays européens qui m'attirent et qui me donnent envie de dépenser toute ma paye, de me réserver un billet d'avion et de partir à l'autre bout du monde genre là là! If you’ve not used one before, it can feel a bit funky the first time, but it works wonders by moving a lot of the weight from your shoulders to your hips. Depending on your qualifications, you can work remotely from your laptop and make a positive impact on the world! This one is yet another creation in the long, adorable line of things that … Lastly, I love Osprey because they have a lifetime guarantee – Osprey will repair any bag they’ve ever made for any reason! Most hostels offer a laundry room or laundry service and, when they don’t, it’s usually just a few blocks away. They’re easy to use, professional and relatively affordable. And a travel backpack is something you’ll use literally all the time (they don’t call it “backpacking Europe” for nothing)! Eat Seafood. Voyage en Europe de l'Ouest. Most importantly, though, the bag is built from seriously high-quality materials. Point being, come in the summer if you must, but I don’t recommend it. For better or worse the Swiss people have this whole thriving economy thing down to a T. As a country long resistant to changing over to the Euro, the Swiss Franc is as strong as ever before. Both are just as if not more impressive than the mainland. Sintra shouldn’t be missed. Take for example, Iberian Culture, which the former Britannica article considers Spain and Portugal a part of. After gaining a (justified) terrible reputation on the world stage in the first half of the 20th century, Germany has emerged over the last 50 years as an economic powerhouse and center of culture in Europe. With three weeks, you have slightly more to work with. Chris is also a founding member of, Airbnb's Most Unique Properties Worldwide, I consent to my personal information being processed in accordance with The Broke Backpackers. Honestly, you will seldom carry your travel backpack more than a kilometer or so at a time, so it’s not like you need to bother getting an expensive and bulky hiking backpack (which often have way more features for comfort like padding). If you are wanting to catch a ride to the next city or to a neighboring country, keep an eye out and you might be able to connect with someone on the site. Once you’ve arrived, why not use what you’ve saved to treat yourself to a cold beer and a bite to eat? Traveling Europe by campervan is classic, most awesome option. Eat delicious heirloom tomatoes. It’s easy to use and saves you time and money. All rights reserved. Because I’m obsessed with perfection, I had our writer Hedy test out 5 of the best travel neck pillows. In this travel guide, I cover the best European travel routes, travel trips, what to pack for visiting Europe, safety information, trekking in Europe and my favorite backpacking destinations in Europe. The temperatures are mild, and a majority of the people who were here on summer holiday have now sulked back to their offices and suburban hells. Live out your mythical fantasies on the islands of Ithaca or Crete, escape the hecticness of life on Sikinos, or join the hordes of partiers on Ios and Mykonos. Each country in Europe is unique, full of surprises, and requires its own individual approach and strategy with regards to budget backpacking. On every adventure, there are six things I never go traveling without. In addition to two coasts and two mountain ranges, France has a wide variety of cultures, landscapes, and food packed into one country. Within each of these cultures are sub-sections and divisions with their own national, religious, and historical identities. BlaBlaCar is a great website for connecting drivers with people interested in carpooling. If you like riding bicycles long-distance, The Netherlands is a perfect country in which to feed that urge. In particular, Het Anker is great. Travel within the Schengen is permitted. Check out the world-class museums while backpacking in Madrid. Canals. I’ve seen so many backpackers in hostels with tears in their bags, ripped straps, or just generally discolored and gross looking backpacks. Let’s be honest: Belgium does offer much in way of stand-out attractions. Your choice. And I’m here to help you sort through the many travel backpack options out there and to help you quickly and efficiently find your best bag for Europe. Granted, it’s more expensive than the bus but sometimes worth the extra Euro. You now know the numbers of how many foreigners visit Europe each year: it’s in the hundreds of millions all said. The Mediterranean cultures tend to frown upon people who can’t handle their shit. Espagne, Italie, Bulgarie, Grande-Bretagne, Portugal, Baléares, France, Suède. It’s a challenge as every country has a different language, but a little effort goes a long way. I like Flixbus because if plans change, you can cancel for a small fee and rebook when you’re ready. Italian food, which has received a similar treatment, should be explored with equal enthusiasm. Backpacking the Greek Islands has been one of my favorite travel experiences. At the end of the day, the best Europe trip route lies in your hands my friends. To be honest, maybe with the exception of New Zealand, Europe is one of the easiest places in the world to hitchhike, even long distances. In a single day, you can sample greek mosaics, roman temples, ottoman fortresses, and communist tram’ tracks. You can move at … I know the city gets a bad rap but it’s actually pretty cool. He has traveled to 65+ countries across six continents around the world and writes about emerging travel destinations at TravelLemming.com. In the end, planning a backpacking trip to Europe depends entirely on where you really want to visit. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth visiting though! There’s good food, good weather, great parties in Bairo Alto, and lots of places to see nearby. Well, first maybe I should explain who I am and how I pick backpacks …. But if you’re willing to invest in a high-quality bag for the long-term, and you want something that is carry-on friendly, you can’t find a better premium bag than the Tortgua Outbreaker. If you’re feeling really adventurous and want to save some cash, consider picking up a, To learn how to travel the world on $10 a day, check out. To find out why I use World Nomads, check out my World Nomads Insurance review. For a good mix hit the South of France, the Alps, and the UK. I only link to stuff I’ve actually used and never endorse products or services that are not up to scratch. Europe is full of tiny, winding backroads that splinter off in all directions. The pace here is slower than that of other European countries. Get off the beaten path in Scotland. So how safe is Europe? It depends on your personal preference. La philosophie des backpackers, c'est de vivre au jour le jour avec leur maison sur le dos et de se laisser mener là où les envies les conduisent. When possible hitchhike close to a major highway thus eliminating the element of dealing with confusing backroads. I’ve learned that a quality travel backpack can be your best friend while traveling through Europe. If you wanted a really enjoyable experience, consider sleeping at a brewery for a few days! The Broke Backpacker team has tried out over thirty backpacks this year! Chris Lininger is a writer, photographer, and guide from California. The hiking trails and huts in the Highlands offer up an endless supply of hiking opportunities in a breathtaking environment. It has remote islands dotted with whiskey distilleries, lochs, and cascades. The town of Chamonix is the birthplace of modern mountaineering and home to Mount Blanc, Europe’s tallest mountain. One month for backpacking across Europe? My suspicion is that my love of Spain is deeply rooted in all of the little nuances one experiences on a daily basis whilst traveling here. They will greatly enhance your europe backpacking trip too. Check out this detailed article for everything you need to know to start teaching English online. If there’s one insurance company I trust, it’s World Nomads. Jan 6, 2013 - Explore Samantha Lee's board "Backpacking Europe" on Pinterest. Every country you visit in Europe requires a different budget and s0me of them vary greatly. Regardless, everywhere you visit looks like it belongs on a bloody postcard. Étant donné que la majorité des destinations en Europe … One could easily spend all their time backpacking in Scotland and could totally forget about “the south.”. So if you want a safe bet that many others seem to like, this is a good choice. Or check out Trusted Housesitters if you want to start browsing available properties now. There are your squats in Paris, beach clubs in Ibiza, warehouse raves in Berlin, music festivals in the Netherlands, all of that, and then some. The Setout packs like a suitcase but has the mobility of a backpack. Check out one of the many palaces or, conversely, visit an industrial museum. Bilbao remains one of my favorite cities I have ever visited in Europe. I’ve presented an average as I have found it to be. The skiing in Eastern Europe comes at a fraction of the cost of skiing in the Alps. If you’re new to backpacking, Europe is a great place to start your travels — European countries are well-connected, safe, super diverse, easy to navigate, and packed with plenty of wonders. Southern France has it all. A travel backpack might be the biggest investment you make in your Eurotrip apart from your plane tickets. Flowers are blooming & the birds are out. As always, book in advance and save heaps. If you’re an American, like me, this might be hard to wrap your mind around so let me give you some context: The backpack in the photo of me above in Amsterdam above is a 46 liter bag, which I use as my main bag now and which is about the maximum size you can have before you start to have to check your bag. June is such a wonderful time to travel to Europe (in fact, I’m going myself for that month!). Pop over to Crete. This Europe travel guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to have a unique and rewarding personal journey backpacking this amazing region. I’m Nate Hake, a full time traveler since 2016. Keep in mind when looking at that photo that I’m very tall, so it may look bigger on you. Résultats pour «backpack Europe deux villes pas manquer» - Voyage en Europe de l'Ouest - Voyage Forum In exchange for a few hours of work each day, your room and board are covered. YAY!!! Disclosure: If you buy something through links on this page, this independent travel blog may earn a small affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. France is very regional. This is not a free ride. 2020 - You will find here the list and reviews on the best anti theft backpack, be it for city, travel, laptop, female. The quality of this nylon backpack is excellent. Let’s start by covering some of the basic things you should be looking for when shopping for a backpack for traveling in Europe. The fine beaches? Make sure you also purchase a RentalCover.com policy to cover your vehicle against any common damages such as tires, windscreens, theft, and more at a fraction of the price you would pay at the rental desk. From Rhodes, you can boat to the island of Kos then head to Leros, a great island for chilling out, and then to Samos. Places like Morocco and Tunisia are great backpacking destinations to head to after backpacking Europe. See more ideas about places to travel, places to go, travel dreams. Spain just has a certain charm to it. Article de Will Hatton | Broke Backpacker. Have fun on your Europe backpacking journey! The lush, green, enchanted and enchanting island of Ireland perches serenely at the furthest boundary of Europe. The country is packed with friendly locals, charming villages, fun parties, and one of the most chill vibes you will come across anywhere on earth. Amsterdam has long been a favorite backpacker haunt and is well worthy of exploration.